Founded Paris in 1923, under the initial name Union Internationale de la Propriété Immobilière Foncière Baties (UIPFB) (International Union for Built Real Estate Property), by is founder and first President Jean Larmeroux.

The current name of the organisation is: Union International de la Propriété Immobiliéreé (U.|.P.I.) – International Union of Property Owners. As its name and statutes were approved in the Congress of Torremolinos, Spain, 29. September 1978.

The U.I.P.I. is the international association of national and international non-profit-making organizations for private real estate property, as well as of any other organizations or institutions, either national or international, for which the goals are, among others, the expansion, the increase and the protection of private real estate property.

U.I.P.I. is the only paneuropean body, representing internationally millions of property owners of all kinds of real estate property, all over Europe since 1923.

For more than 80 years, U.I.P.I. has ensured the solidarity of the property owners organizations of Europe, the cooperation and the continuous flow of information among them. U.|.P.I. is also assisting itOs members when asked, in their national level battles.

U.I.P.I. is today focusing it’s efforts to the direction of the European Union and the European Parliament authorities, to influence current directives and legislation concerning real estate property. UIPI is also trying to influence authorities and public opinion of Europe through press conferences and Congress declarations towards the deregulation and reprivatization of property.


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