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CONFEDILIZIA – The Italian Confederation of Property Owners is an Association that was re-established in 1945 to comprise all the territorial Associations of home owners. The Association is the direct heir – after the end of the corporative system – of the Federation of Associations of home owners, established by the first participating organisations in 1883.

Confedilizia has over 200 offices nation-wide.
The members of Confedilizia comprise property owners (including those who are only owners of the home they live in), condominiums, individual condominium residents and institutional investors such as insurance companies, banks, pension funds, social security agencies and large national real estate companies.

Other members of Confedilizia include trade Associations. Among these are: ADSI – The Italian Association of Historic Homes; AMPIC – The Confedilizia Association of Italian time-share owners; ANBBA – The National Association of Bed & Breakfast operators and landlords; ANIA – The National Association of Insurance Companies; ASAGES – The Association of Noble and Historical Archives; ASPESI – The National Association of Property Promotion and Development; ASSINDATCOLF – The National Association of Unions for Employers of Domestic Helpers; CONFCASALINGHE – The National Confederation of Housewives; CNR CASA – The National housing Coordinating board for Public Construction; FIAIP – The Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents; FIDALDO – The Italian Federation of Employers of Household Workers; FIMPE – The supplementary Fund for Property Owners. Dedicated sections of Confedilizia are responsible for the organisation of real estate investment trusts (ASSOTRUSTS – The Confedilizia Coordinating board of Real Estate Trusts), real estate funds (COFIC – The Confedilizia Coordinating board of Real Estate Funds) and Italians abroad (CITES – The Coordinating board of Italians abroad).

Confedilizia stipulates the National Collective Labour Agreement (CCNL) for employees of property owners with the confederate unions and ASSINDATCOLF – the National Collective Labour Agreement for house servants. As a signatory – together with the Italian Trade Unions CGIL, CISL and UIL – of the National Collective Labour Agreement (CCNL) for employees of real estate owners, with exclusive representation for the real estate property, Confedilizia has established with the same trade unions – in addition to the COASCO FUND – the DOORKEEPER FUND, which provides support services to employees of the sector and the EBINPROF body, with the aim, among others, to see to the training of workers under the aforementioned National Collective Labour Agreement (CCNL).
The managers of real estate properties, whether condominiums or not, actively participate in the Organisation through the CORAM (The Coordinating board of Manager Registers). The central office of Confedilizia ensures the continuous updating – through the registration of new members – of the NATIONAL REGISTER OF CONFEDILIZIA REAL ESTATE MANAGERS, whose members are issued a certificate signed in original by the confederate Chairman and the Chairman of CORAM, and provides its services free of charge. Another member of Confedilizia is GESTICOND – the Independent National Association of real estate and condominium managers and building managers (established in accordance with the principles of European Directive 92/51).
In collaboration with RINA, Confedilizia provides its service of quality certification of real estate properties to all bodies, companies, condominiums and private members.
Confedilizia has stipulated a convention with the AGENZIA DEL TERRITORIO to allow the consultation of the data base of cadastre, and another agreement with Banca Intesa/Sanpaolo for the “servizio garanzia affitto” and with R.E. factor for the securitization of the rent.

Confedilizia has signed a number of protocols with ASSOCAMERESTERO – The Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, for real estate consultancy services for nationals working or living abroad; with the CORTE ARBITRALE EUROPEA, with whom Confedilizia has set-up the REAL ESTATE CHAMBER of the European Court of Arbitration – Italian Delegation Section, with the aim of resolving controversies relating to property leases, condominiums, preliminary sales agreements, sales agreements, real estate intermediation etc.; with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF “BANCHE POPOLARI”. Confedilizia also enjoys an on-going exchange agreement with – among others – CONFAGRICOLTURA, The NATIONAL FEDERATION OF LANDOWNERS, The National Association of Elevator Construction and Maintenance companies (ANACAM), The National Association of Small and Medium-sized Building Contractors (ANIEM) and The Association of Public Utility Users (ASSOUTENTI) (as well as with the latter’s COMITATO NAZIONALE DIFESA CONTRIBUENTI BONIFICHE).

Internationally, Confedilizia is among the “Groups of Interest” duly accredited by the European Parliament and represents Italy before the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI), an organisation accredited by the Council of Europe, the OCSE, the European Parliament and the UN Housing Committee in Geneva. For direct support to its nationals abroad, Confedilizia has set-up its own foreign delegations in the USA, England, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, and China. Confedilizia also keeps close ties with the Confedilizia of San Marino.

Confedilizia is regularly consulted by Ministries, the parliamentary commissions of the senate and chamber of deputies, the National Council of Economy and Labour (CNEL) and regional and local government agencies.
Confedilizia publishes a monthly “Confedilizia newsletter” (circulated to all individual members through the local associations) as well as interesting industry publications through its subsidiary CONFEDILIZIA EDIZIONI.
Confedilizia’s institutional duty is the representation of property owners and investors in their dealings with Parliament and Government concerning real estate issues.

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